Old but Important News

FACT: Big Media and Big Tech Stole the 2020 ElectionThe media say get over if but this survey show that the truth was hidden. A Copper Bedrail Could Cut Back On Infections For Hospital PatientsThis has been in the news for years but do you see copper anywhere? Even NPR knows this can stop Covid-19.… Continue reading Old but Important News

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Protect Yourself from Mandates and Coercion – Banned Video

Interesting Video explains how US Laws protect against Mandates and Coercion. Published by Ann Vandersteel on Facebook: “The domestic terrorists otherwise known as the United States government have gone to far. Dr. David Martin cites United States code, the Felonies, prison sentence and financial penalty associated with the codes these brownshirts are breaking by mandating… Continue reading Protect Yourself from Mandates and Coercion – Banned Video

This is not America

This seems insane but the more I look at state and federal websites the more I believe this. New article by Corey Digs:  ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 5: U.S. Dept. of Education & Multiple Agencies Involved. FYI – Corey… Continue reading This is not America

WordPress Plugins – Must Have?

I don’t know much about this site but the information is interesting. 30 Must-Have WordPress Plugins Like most things WordPress, free often means – limited features and functionality.  Thankfully WordPress is still free.  Still an interesting list.  Food for thought anyway.