Hello Guilford Area Multi Level Marketers,

You are probably wondering why someone in Guilford, CT is advertising for Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing. Well let me take a minute of your time to tell the story.

My name is Rick Larson and I only recently moved to CT. Not long ago I was doing some problem solving / brain storming on an issue unrelated to Network Marketing when I struck upon a concept that solves the problem I have been wresting with for many years. It also has the potential to revolutionize your Multi-Level Marketing business. I originally believed I would have to create my own to use this concept. I continued to refining it when I realized that many existing Multi-Level Marketers could use the concept so I would not need to create my own Multi-Level Marketing business. That made this much more attainable. I still have to find and teach this to others in order for anyone to benefit from my idea. In June of 2015 I was working on how to present this concept when the final piece fell into place and I was ready to actually show the concept. As I stated earlier, I am new to CT so I don't have any friends or associates in the Multi-Level Marketing industry.

Since I am a web deveploper I do have the ablily to create a web page and I happen to have some Google Advertising dollars. So I put together this simple web page to reach out to potential Multi-Level Marketing who could use a little help get new prospects. You probability noticed that I have not invested a lot of time into making this page look good or professional. I plan on taking it down as soon as I find a few people to work with.

I would rather not explain the concept here but I am happy to share it in person. If you are interested in learning a new easier and way to expand your MLM business please contact me via email. Let me know when you are available and give me a little background on your MLM experience. We can set up a time and place to meet. By the way, I am not charging for this concept. When you understand the concept you will see why it is mutually beneficial so there is no reason to charge.

Not quite ready? Want more information?

I have been looking into Multi-Level Marketing opportunities looking for the best fit for my new better way. None the reviews talked about the great ways MLM have created to market their products.

Everything is about the compensation plan, cost of products, experience of management. Everybody is wants to say theirs is better. What no one is saying is ours is easier or more fun to sell or that it gives me a motivation to work at this even when I don't feel like it. We all work hard to get ahead and improve the lives of our family. There has to be more than that. And guess what, I just gave you more than most of the online experts in the field. It has to be about more. I am going to show you what this looks like and how to obtain it.

You are not limited by how popular you are or how many people you know. I can even show you how to hire someone to do the hard part and set up appointments. Now you are probably wondering if it is so easy why doesn't Rick do this himself. That is why we sit down and talk about my reasons for sharing.

It is better to have part of something than all of nothing.

Contact: Rick Larson
Guilford, CT